Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Craft Night

Over the weekend some of the girls in our ward got together to have a scrapbook/craft night. My sweet visiting teacher Natalie brought some blocks of wood for me to craft with and my friend Alli had a Cricket (cuts out shapes and letters - it is AMAZING!), she also had an extra piece of wood that I got to use to make a 4th of July decoration. It was so fun to hang out with the girls and see all of their creative ideas.

I couldn't resist making this Halloween sign, I have tons of Halloween decorations but I just thought it would be so cute on the mantle.
We have NO 4th of July decorations so when I saw the cute "Freedom" blocks Natalie had made I tried to think of what I wanted on my board.  
In the end I went with "Give Me Liberty"from Patrick Henry's famous speech, with "Faith of our fathers" scrolled through the middle.  I really like how it turned out but the best part was watching Alli use her Cricket to make all the letters.


Jack and Joann said...

Hi Mike,

I came by and saw Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!!!!!!

Just wanted to say that the Garietys know how to grow potatoes big time. My father, your great Uncle Leo, put his whole one acre garden in potatoes after all we kids left home. He harvested many a bushel and supplied the whole village of Russia, Ohio with potatoes for many years. The day before he was hospitalized with the rare leukemia that killed him in just three weeks time, he had just prepared 400 pounds of potatoes for planting.

Have a nice June day and happy gardening!

Your second cousin who lives in Virginia: Joann

P.S. I have been eating my own lettuce and radishes this spring. I dearly love radishes. Ever saute them in olive oil with a little Italian seasoning? Yummy! Yummy!

ben and nat said...

HEy amber! I really liked your halloween blocks they are adorable! I am so glad you guys came, we should have more crafts nights! I love it! Thanks for being so kind to me... You are the best!

Chuck and Alli said...

Hey Amber, I had so much fun that night too. Your Liberty sign turned out so darn cute!!! I also thought of an idea for your students this summer... You can buy or have them buy tara cotta planter pots, have one day to have them paint them and paint their names on them, then the next they can plant seeds and flowers and let them watch them grow for however many weeks you are teaching them then they can take them home by the end of the summer. Since you love to garden. I thought it would be cute for you. Call me sometime. We can do another craft night.

Jack and Joann said...

Just stopping by again to inform you that this Sunday, June 14, I posted a photo of some of your Ohio cousins. This would be the Tom Gariety clan. Tom's Dad, Carl Gariety, was Julius and Teresa Gariety's nephew since my Dad, Leo Gariety and Julius Gariety were brothers. Take a look at Tom in the back row. I think Michael and Tom look a lot alike in the face. Michael, this may be how you will look when you turn 51!