Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Craft Night

Over the weekend some of the girls in our ward got together to have a scrapbook/craft night. My sweet visiting teacher Natalie brought some blocks of wood for me to craft with and my friend Alli had a Cricket (cuts out shapes and letters - it is AMAZING!), she also had an extra piece of wood that I got to use to make a 4th of July decoration. It was so fun to hang out with the girls and see all of their creative ideas.

I couldn't resist making this Halloween sign, I have tons of Halloween decorations but I just thought it would be so cute on the mantle.
We have NO 4th of July decorations so when I saw the cute "Freedom" blocks Natalie had made I tried to think of what I wanted on my board.  
In the end I went with "Give Me Liberty"from Patrick Henry's famous speech, with "Faith of our fathers" scrolled through the middle.  I really like how it turned out but the best part was watching Alli use her Cricket to make all the letters.

Simple Pleasures

What could be better than an afternoon in the backyard, eating watermelon and swimming in the pool?

Braylon eating and sharing the watermelon.

Novalee and "Papa" splashing in the pool.  Nova loves the water just like her mom.
Braylon was happy to stay away from the water and snuggle.

Garden Bounties and Summer Sunsets

Last Friday we set to work weeding out little garden and after an hour of hard labor found our efforts rewarded by a beautiful sunset.

The plants are really growing!  We are so excited to harvest the fruit of our labors...
mostly cucumbers and radishes right now but the tomatoes are getting bigger every day.

Freshly picked cucumbers are so tasty!

Tending the Stake Garden

This week we had the opportunity to help tend the Modesto, CA Stake garden. We ended up going on Monday night for Family Hoe - m (get it? Hoe?) Evening and on Saturday morning. The weeds were easy to hoe out due to the recent rains but that also meant lots of dirt and mud. The potato crop was about to be plowed under to make way for new plants so I spent my time digging up tubers.

Mike weeding in corn rows with fellow farmers.
Me and Mr. Potato Head

Mike spent a lot of time in the dirt working, I love the clean band on his feet from his sandals.  It reminds me of all the time I spent as a kid getting into the dirt.

8th Ward Camp-out

A few weekends ago we had the chance to camp-out at Scout Island, Yosemite Lake in Merced with some friends from church. This was the first year we were able to attend the annual 8th ward family camp-out and it was so much fun. So much fun that I didn't spend much time taking pictures. We arrived on Friday a little after 6pm with the Underwood clan - two weeks in a row we've camped together and it just gets more and more fun. It was a beautiful spot on the water, the weather was cool and the breezes were sweet, we had s'mores around the campfire, played songs, sang and stayed up way too late.