Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Way Back Wednesday!

Once upon a time...about 6 years ago...

Michael and I took a trip to the Stanislaus County Fair. We had a blast running around looking at all the exhibits and animals and having fair food :). My favorite memory is the first time Michael let a cow lick him - I was feeding one of the cows some hay and it got my whole hand in it's mouth (they don't bite, they only have bottom front teeth) so Michael decided to feed one too. The cow took one look at the hay, decided Mike looked tastier and slurped Mikey 's arm with it's extra long tongue! He was so grossed out.

Fair Fun.

It gets HOT at the fair so we go to the animal barns and stand under the fan/misting stations.


Sharee and Arthur said...

I like your Wednesday posts. That's funny about the cow licking Mikey. Doesn't surprise me that it totally grossed him out.

Scott and Kim said...

I love the cow story...much better in person I bet!