Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Meat Sweats

Fresno State had their Physic's Department graduation dinner at the Samba in Fresno - for all graduating students and current students.  They brought out meat after meat (13 different kinds) on swords and we did eat and eat.

We enjoyed refreshing Antarctica - a Brazilian soda...even more delicious because it was FREE

Mike's friend and classmate, Adam, put our soda's on his "tab" 
Joe (another classmate) and Dr. Tenney (Michael will be doing his independent study with Dr. Tenney.
Mr. and Mrs. Key sat across from us.  He runs all the labs for the department.  His sweet wife is from the same city in the Philippines as Tarhata (Mike seized this opportunity to show off his Tagolog skillz) while simultaneously throwing down many meats - truly a man of many talents :)
The Indian 007 showed up just in time for an end of meal photo op - very suave (Now get out! And, come again!! )
Okay, I know this is weird picture but I just had to document the moment in history when I finally tied a cherry stem with my tongue.  All in all it was sweet evening filled with good food, friends and laughs!!

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