Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jurassic Date Night

Rrrrrrrr (that was my impression of a T-Rex. I know what you're thinking - that I should do voice-overs, right?) Last Thursday night we had the chance to attend MJC Geology Department's showing of Jurassic Park on the big screen at the State Theater downtown. It was so much fun!

Michael and I in the lobby before the show. Not only did they show Jurassic Park but they had an animated short "Gerald's Last Day" and a small presentation on dinosaurs in the Valley. Did you know the first dinosaur discovered in the Central Valley was in Del Puerto Canyon in the 1930's?

The State is an old theater that has been totally remodeled. This is the chandelier in the lobby. It is beautiful inside and a great, less crowded place to see movies (when they show them). We saw "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" at the State a few years ago and we attended the Christmas Eve Eve (two days before Christmas) free showing of "White Christmas" there - it was the first time I had ever watched that movie. What a fun and interesting date!

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Scott and Kim said...

Looks like a great time... I love all the "interesting" stuff that you crazy kids find to do.