Thursday, May 28, 2009


I found some scrap fabric on Tuesday and thought I'd try and make an apron. I didn't have a pattern so I eye-balled it and I think it turned out pretty cute. Sewing machines are little miracles :)

Gariety's Garden

Our garden is going swimmingly. The plants really love this hot weather. We have a few cucumbers that are at least 6" long, we have lots of big green tomatoes, green beans, herbs, lettuce and peppers. The carrots and radishes are growing and the eggplant and cantaloupe are flowering. Not much is happening with the artichokes yet. The most exciting event this week has been the sprouting of my pumpkin seeds!!! The pic below was taken last week and already the other 8 seedlings are sprouting. I think I'm most excited about the Cinderella Heirloom pumpkins and the white pumpkins but any pumpkin regular orange pumpkin will be great! The go into the garden in a week or so.

Seedling Cinderella pumpkin.

Memorial Day Picnic

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow 
Between the crosses row on row, 
That mark our place; and in the sky 
The larks, still bravely singing, fly 
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago 
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, 
Loved and were loved, and now we lie 
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe: 
To you from failing hands we throw 
The torch; be yours to hold it high. 
If ye break faith with us who die 
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow 
In Flanders fields.

On Memorial Day we attended a picnic in Twain Harte put on to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for all the freedoms we enjoy. After that we spent the rest of the day fishing and visiting. It was a great day.

More Weekend Fun

Our FHE friends all got together last weekend and spent the day together.  We ate (of course) and played  games and watched the recorded Indy 500 together.
The whole group took a walk in the after noon - this is a great pic of Michael.
Angie and Melinda making more strawberry stuff.  Melinda had tons of berries and she made freezer jam, bread, pie, chocolate covered strawberries and fruit leather with them.
Zion, Riley, Adi and Mike watching the Indy race - Go Danica!!
Mike as the pitcher (not the belly itcher) with Seth.
The Adams brought their bounce house and the kids loved it! I even got in for a while.
Niki and I - she's such an amazingly fun person.

Walking along the levee by the Dunn's house - it was so nice to see everyone.

Aaaaaaa!!!!! Camp-out!

Our friends, the Underwoods, were kind enough to invite us to camp with them last Friday night. They rented a tent cabin at the Coloma Resort. It was amazing and so much fun. Thanks Underwoods!!

The cool tent cabin right along the American River.
Scott and Mike rolling up the window flaps to cool down the tent.
The bunk beds were a big hit with everyone...
Especially me!  My sister and I had bunk beds growing up - Oh, the memories :).
The hard-core Giants fan brought his crank radio to try and tune into the game. Alas, we had poor reception.
We gold panned with our frisbee, Mikey found a nickle!

We played games and had s'mores.

On our way home we stopped by Dave and Trisha's house to have some yummy stuffed bell peppers and chat.

We also took country roads home on Saturday to avoid the traffic and to see Rancho Seco up close.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Way Back Wednesday!

Once upon a time...about 6 years ago...

Michael and I took a trip to the Stanislaus County Fair. We had a blast running around looking at all the exhibits and animals and having fair food :). My favorite memory is the first time Michael let a cow lick him - I was feeding one of the cows some hay and it got my whole hand in it's mouth (they don't bite, they only have bottom front teeth) so Michael decided to feed one too. The cow took one look at the hay, decided Mike looked tastier and slurped Mikey 's arm with it's extra long tongue! He was so grossed out.

Fair Fun.

It gets HOT at the fair so we go to the animal barns and stand under the fan/misting stations.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where in the World (O.K. Modesto) is A-A-Amber Gariety?

I was out and about on Saturday (while Mikey worked on his homework - he's such a hard worker!) and I took some random pics around town. See if you know where they were taken. I'll give you a hint...

This stag always reminds me of Harry Potter, which you can enjoy across the street...

The bells, bells, bells, bells, bells of Notre Dame (okay not really)...

Ah, I love this place - everything in it is free unless you are late...

This one is easy... come on you know, the place where fresh fruits and veggies appear twice a week...

A toughie unless you know your town - you can sit here and enjoy a piece of history if you know where to look...

The Meat Sweats

Fresno State had their Physic's Department graduation dinner at the Samba in Fresno - for all graduating students and current students.  They brought out meat after meat (13 different kinds) on swords and we did eat and eat.

We enjoyed refreshing Antarctica - a Brazilian soda...even more delicious because it was FREE

Mike's friend and classmate, Adam, put our soda's on his "tab" 
Joe (another classmate) and Dr. Tenney (Michael will be doing his independent study with Dr. Tenney.
Mr. and Mrs. Key sat across from us.  He runs all the labs for the department.  His sweet wife is from the same city in the Philippines as Tarhata (Mike seized this opportunity to show off his Tagolog skillz) while simultaneously throwing down many meats - truly a man of many talents :)
The Indian 007 showed up just in time for an end of meal photo op - very suave (Now get out! And, come again!! )
Okay, I know this is weird picture but I just had to document the moment in history when I finally tied a cherry stem with my tongue.  All in all it was sweet evening filled with good food, friends and laughs!!

Gariety's Garden

This week in organic gardening news, the pebble border and cocoa bean mulch have all but eradicated the snail and slug issues we had early on. Another plus for the cocoa beans is that they still smell great!

The plants are really starting to take off in this warm weather, especially the peppers and the cucumbers.

It finally happened, the event we have been looking forward to since our first tender plants went in to the ground - drum roll please!!! (go on and do it, it's fun and no one is watching :) - Introducing our FIRST Tomato of the season!!!!!

Jurassic Date Night

Rrrrrrrr (that was my impression of a T-Rex. I know what you're thinking - that I should do voice-overs, right?) Last Thursday night we had the chance to attend MJC Geology Department's showing of Jurassic Park on the big screen at the State Theater downtown. It was so much fun!

Michael and I in the lobby before the show. Not only did they show Jurassic Park but they had an animated short "Gerald's Last Day" and a small presentation on dinosaurs in the Valley. Did you know the first dinosaur discovered in the Central Valley was in Del Puerto Canyon in the 1930's?

The State is an old theater that has been totally remodeled. This is the chandelier in the lobby. It is beautiful inside and a great, less crowded place to see movies (when they show them). We saw "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" at the State a few years ago and we attended the Christmas Eve Eve (two days before Christmas) free showing of "White Christmas" there - it was the first time I had ever watched that movie. What a fun and interesting date!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 De Mayo

Yesterday, as you all know, here in Mexico - um I mean California it was the 5th of May (Cinco De Mayo for all you non-spanish speakers out there). So Michael and I took the opportunity to join in the celebration of the anniversary of the day when the French (Freedom Fries!) were defeated by the Mexican army. It was a delicious day.

Aaaaaa Ahh Ahh Ahh!!!! Michael in full celebration mode (my sombrero is good for so many things).

The magical gift certificate that made this all possible. (Let me just take a moment to sing the praises of gift certificates - when people give us cash we put it towards bills - as any responsible family would do, but when we get a gift certificate it is our chance to par-tay. And party we do. Arirba!!!)

On our way to the taqueria we saw that others were just as excited at the memory of France's defeat.

Ah...Can't you hear the Mariachi Music now? This taqueria in Roseburg Square is our favorite.  Back when we had disposable income we would go here at least once a month.

Ice cold H2O (My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.)

Chips meet salsa.

Oh how I love all the pictures of me eating (want more? check out Scott and Kim's blog)

The Piece De Resistance - the grilled chicken nachos!!! (Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun)

Waste not, want not. I love holidays where you celebrate by eating delicious mexican food.