Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Date Night

Every Friday night Michael and I go on a date.  It is usually something free but always something fun.  During the school year we try to make it to all of the MAPS presentations at the Jr. College.  They are great science lectures from guests across the country and they are free!  Some of our favorites through the years have been - Sea Creatures from the Deep put on by the Monterey Bay Institute (they had some pictures of some crazy looking sea creatures) and  Deep Space that was a lecture given by the guy who runs the planetarium at one of the big NY museums, he brought a friend along who plays for the NY Symphony and she played the cello while he showed pictures of deep space.  In March we went to a lecture about the science of fire complete with mini explosions.  It was great.

Of course, no date night lecture would be complete without stopping off to get a frozen treat at the Yogurt Mill.

Michael and I will be married 10 years this December and each and every day with him is more exciting than the last. Thanks for being such a great guy Mikey!

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