Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moment of Joy

Today I had a moment of pure joy...I had the chance to pick up my niece from kindergarten. I waited outside the classroom for her and when she saw me she squealed with happiness and ran over to hug me. She ran past a tiny little girl with Down-syndrome, all dressed in pink. This tiny, sweet little girl saw me hug my niece ran right over to me, a stranger, and threw her arms around my legs too.  She squeezed so tightly her eyes shut. When I hugged her back she looked up at me with a huge smile and said thank-you and then ran off. Children are amazing.

Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Way Back Wednesdays

I've decided to try to do a "Way Back Wednesday" on my blog (Elder Wilson's sister does a Throw Back Thursdays that is a riot!) so here is my first post. 

Elder Michael Joseph Gariety, serving in the Ft. Lauderdale Florida Mission as a Portuguese speaking elder.

Elder Michael Gariety playing soccer (football for all you latin savy folks) with the other missionaries in his area on P-day.

The first time I ever met Michael he was wearing this shirt. What a hottie!

The Boca Zone. Mike in the upper right.

Join us next Wednesday! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Go Out Walkin'...

On Saturday April 25th I participated in the March of Dimes Walk in Modesto. It was a walk to raise money for research to stop premature birth. A couple hundred people (at least) showed up. They fed us breakfast before the walk and we stretched out together and then we were off - it was a little over 4 miles.

My friends Kim and Lisa walked too! Not the best pic of me but they look great :)

Stretching out to some cool tunes.

They fed us lunch after the walk too.  It was a lot of fun and such a good cause!  Thanks to my sponsor :)
On a side note, we walked by this killer garage sale on our route and I picked up a brand new  board game "Kings in the Corner" by the makers of Sequence and a folding lawn chair for 20 cents (yes that is two dimes).  What a steal!

Mac and the Big Cheese

One of Michael's brothers, Matthew came to visit us last week for a few days. His band Made Out of Babies ended their U.S. tour in LA and he took the Amtrak up to Motown for some R&R with us. It was so good to see him, we had fun BBQing, talking, playing tennis and baseball. I loved watching those men be boys together.

Aside from the Baseball pics I'm not sure what they are doing in any of these photos :).  Just being silly I suppose.

Baseball Stuff ("I'm Jose Canseco!")

For Christmas this last year Michael gave me tickets to see the Giants play. Our first game was on April 17th (I know what you are thinking - that's perfect because April 17th 2009 is our 9 year 4 month anniversary! Don't beat yourself up too much for not sending a card :)

It made it extra special that our friends were there with us.  What luck!

We brought our own food and our own fun to the ballpark.  The best part was that the Giants won! We got to see batting practice for  both teams too.  What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Gariety's Garden

These pics were taken a few weeks ago. The garden is really starting to take off now. We have 9 different varieties of tomato, 2 kinds of eggplant, 3 kinds of cucumber, artichoke, 2 kinds of strawberries, basil, marjoram, thyme, chives, italian parsley, cilantro, green peppers, red peppers, pizza peppers, carrots, radishes, green beans, cantaloupe and salad green growing now. We just mulched the garden with cocoa bean shells and now the whole yard smells like one big brownie - it is unbelievable! I took some more pictures today and will post soon. We love gardening - it is so fun!

Gone Fishin'

A few weeks ago Michael took me fishing with him. We got up super early (really, really, painfully early) and drove into the foothills. It was beautiful up there! The wild flowers were in bloom, the wild turkey's were running and flying everywhere (gobble! gobble!) and the weather was perfect. We had an amazing time, it would have been even better if some fish were caught :).

It's a mystery to me why Michael loves to fish so much.  To me, it seems a little dull but to watch Michael fish - the excitement he has is anything but dull.

Easter Dinner

On Easter Sunday, after church, we had a family dinner at my dad's house. About 23 people came. We filled up the garage with tables and chairs, we had turkey, ham, potatoes, fondue, salads, veggies and desserts. We celebrated a few birthdays, we sang, played the piano, the guitar and used my aunt's box of percussion instruments. It was fun to spend time with everyone. It was also really busy so I only took a few pics.

Our niece Novalee and her 2nd cousin Hannah

The whole crew in the garage.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Beautiful World

Michael took this snap shot of the sun setting over Modesto.

Jessica's 30th Birthday and Game Night at the Haslem's

One of our dear friends Jessica turned 30 last month and we all got together to celebrate.  Her sweet husband made a DVD slideshow of her life that was so funny, we had a potluck dinner and had so much fun laughing and joking about all of her silly pictures.  Happy Birthday Jess!!

Jessica and the amazing cake Melinda baked for her - so chocolaty!
Jeff (Jessica's hubby) and Mikey trying to get their faces to stick that way :)
Jessica and I

Everyone watching the DVD of Jessica's 30 years.

A few days before her birthday party a few of us got together for a game night at the Haslem's house.  We played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase while we ate yummy snacks.  What a fun time.

Jessy and Mikey comparing bellies.  Jessica is having a boy.  

Our Gardens

This year we decided to plant a vegetable garden in the back yard.  We planted about 10 different tomato plants including Orange Russian, Yellow Pear and some unique Heirloom varieties, purple and Green Goddess Eggplant, Green & Red bell peppers, Yellow Wax Peppers, Green beans, cucumbers, strawberries, cantaloupe and a variety of herbs.  Below are some pics of us getting the soil ready.  We used some organic compost to supplement the soil.  The plants are doing well but I haven't taken any pictures of them yet.

We also planted some more flowers in the beds in the front of the house.  Lots of Ranunculus, Italian Lavender, Freesia, Delphiniums, Kangaroo Paw and a mix of neat perennials the nursery had this year.  We also planted some bulbs around in different spots including these great yellow and purple gladiolas, lilies, "dinner plate" dahlias and peonies.  They are all coming up nicely but haven't flowered yet.

Fiddler of the Roof

Last month our family drove to Sonora to see the Sierra Repertory Theater's presentation of Fiddler on the Roof.  It is a great place to see a play - they have a small theater (only 99 seats) and they have a lot of great shows during the year.  We all loved it.  Especially the little girls.

Mikey and I with our niece Novalee and my cousin's daughter Hannah.

My cousin Jenny and her mom (my auntie) Kathy.

All the  girls (from left to right) Dayna, Midge, Crystal, Jenny, Kathy, Me and the two little girls Hannah and Novalee.  The men were there too but we didn't get a good picture of all of them together.  It rained cats and dogs as the play let out so we didn't have much time for pictures.

Date Night

Every Friday night Michael and I go on a date.  It is usually something free but always something fun.  During the school year we try to make it to all of the MAPS presentations at the Jr. College.  They are great science lectures from guests across the country and they are free!  Some of our favorites through the years have been - Sea Creatures from the Deep put on by the Monterey Bay Institute (they had some pictures of some crazy looking sea creatures) and  Deep Space that was a lecture given by the guy who runs the planetarium at one of the big NY museums, he brought a friend along who plays for the NY Symphony and she played the cello while he showed pictures of deep space.  In March we went to a lecture about the science of fire complete with mini explosions.  It was great.

Of course, no date night lecture would be complete without stopping off to get a frozen treat at the Yogurt Mill.

Michael and I will be married 10 years this December and each and every day with him is more exciting than the last. Thanks for being such a great guy Mikey!