Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Every year, for our anniversary, we get each other a Christmas ornament. The purpose is really two fold. First it gives us a chance to give a gift to help us remember the things that happened that year and second it is a cheap gift so we have been able to continue the tradition even while Michael is in school. Here are a few of my favorites...

This little SUV was from 2007 when we got our new Rav4

This soldier is from the year Michael's dad passed away. He served in WWII. We just loved him. He told the best stories.

The cat is from the year our cat Hanna died. She was such a fun kitty, always playing. Michael got me the Eiffel Tower in 2001 to remind me of when I visited Paris (but it was really to remind him that the French refused to join the allied forces in Iraq, he even gave up French fries for a while).

These last two are from our trip to Miami. The bucket of peanuts was from Roadhouse Grill - they have them all over Florida. Each table has a bucket of peanuts and you can just chuck your shells on the floor. The Gater is a reminder of our trip out o the Everglades. We both got to hold "Snappy" a baby alligator - it was so cool!!

I actually took pics of all our ornaments because someone broke into our storage unit (everything is in storage while Mike is in school) and stole a few of our things, including some of our ornaments. I'm sure, someday, they will get their comeuppance.

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Sharee and Arthur said...

That is such a cute tradition, guys! Then you can remember all the good times every year when you put your tree up and take it down!