Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miscellaneous Fun Times

My favorite auntie Kathy is in a choir called Mountain Melodies. They had a bang-up show right before Christmas. It was so good! After the show all the family went out to Pizza. It was so good! :)

Last semester Michael had to be in Fresno all week long because of his class schedule. During that time some friends of ours, the Ricks, had me over for dinner almost every night and we even went bowling one night. It got so lonely without Michael and it was nice to have someplace to be on weeknights. The Ricks are awesome!

I'm such a poor bowler, by the end I thought that maybe if I played nice with the bowling ball it might stay out of the gutter.

Here is a picture of Aaron, looking humble after he blew Katherine and I out of the water (we were really terrible, really. Really).

But we had fun!! Katherine even got a few strikes. Way to go Kat!

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