Monday, February 16, 2009


On Thursday morning I came home to a wonderful breakfast and my favorite CD playing (Cherie Call "The Ocean In Me"). I have class from 5am to 9am on Tues and Thurs and Michael had gotten up and made me breakfast just because. Is he great or what?

My Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day was also our Stake's Temple Day. What a great thing!! Michael and I, our friends Scott and Kim and Scott's Parents all carpooled to the temple in Oakland for the day. It was a wonderful reminder to me that the love Michael and I share is eternal.

We have been having a lot of storms in California lately and the coastal mountain range actually had snow on it - that is pretty rare.

Every part of Valentine's Day was fun.  Even the car ride to Oakland.  Kim drove because Scott has a knee injury so I got to ride shotgun and the boys got to goof off in the middle seats.

All the trees were in bloom around the temple.  The grounds look amazing.  We found an amazing spot to take pictures from, just behind the Beehive Clothing store is a little trail that overlooks the temple.  We got some pretty good pictures before the rain started to fall.

After the temple we all went to dinner at the Chipotle Grill.  Michael and I had never been there before so it was a real treat.  We were so grateful to Scott's parents for treating us all to dinner.

Ah...Michael after 9 years of bliss you still know how to show me a good time.  I love you!!

Valentine's Day Breakfast

Our niece, Novalee, and our nephew, Braylon stayed the night with us on the 13th. Valentines day morning we all had breakfast together.

Novalee and I made heart shaped baking powder biscuits to go with the apricot jam.

Michael entertained the kids with Suduko and lemons.  He's such a good uncle!

Floral Design Class Projects

I have been taking a floral design class at school. It is very interesting and fun. So far we have worked on three projects. Our bud vase, a colonial arrangement and a corsage.

Giant's Fan Fest

A few weekends ago Michael and I had the chance to go to the annual Giant's Fan Fest in San Francisco. Michael's friends had invited him for a guys day but some of them ended up canceling and when I went to drop Mike off they said I could go too (of course dressing in black and orange and looking sad helped my cause - I was so excited to go!).

Michael taking in the field at SBC Park.

The guys taking it to the outfield wall.

We got to see Barry Zito.  He was right next to Mikey!

Some of the pitchers at a Q & A session on the club level.

Michael really loves baseball.  That is something he and his dad share.

I'm in the dugout!!!  The pitching coach walked right by me after this picture was taken.

Showin' the love.  Thanks for letting me tag along Michael!

Inside the Giant's dugout.  Apparently it is a very serious place to be.

What a cool day!  We got to see lots of the players, walk on the field, tour the clubhouse and eat baseball food.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

29th Birthday Beach Bash

On my birthday this year Michael and I and some of our friends (Katherine, Aaron and Adam Ricks) rented a beach house together in Bodega Bay. We got a sweet deal. They already had a buy four nights get one free special but I told them it was my birthday and they gave me Saturday night (the most expensive night) for free! The house came with everything - linens, washer/dryer, pots, pans, stocked pantry, hot tub, big flat screen t.v. with dish network, jetted bath tubs beach supplies and beautiful ocean views! Michael and I got the second floor master suite with its own balcony over looking the water, a giant tub and huge shower - it was sweet! Michael made me a beautiful cake (strawberry with confetti frosting) and the Ricks brought me a chocolate cake. What fun! We spent at least a half an hour running through the house shouting for everyone to look at this cool thing or that cool thing, we explored the beaches, played in the surf, soaked in the hot tub, played board games and watched movies. Maybe the best birthday ever!!!

The beaches there are BEAUTIFUL!  Mikey spent so much time in the water his fingers were all pruney.
Michael suddenly remembered his Charlemagne...
They have excellent tide pools and Michael and I found some cool sea shells.
The gang about ready to frost my was delicious!
The amazing beach house.  It is the perfect beach house, beautiful and functional.
The view from "our" master suite.
The living room.  Michael was really excited about the dish network and flat screen t.v.

This kitchen was SO nice. We all had fun cooking in it (and eating dinner in the sunroom while the sun was setting over the ocean). What a great trip!

Jelly Belly and the Skunk Spray Jelly

On our way home from the beach we took a tour of the Jelly Belly factory. It was so cool to see how they were made but the coolest part (besides the paper hat they give you) was that at the end of the tour you can taste as many jelly beans as you want to at their "Tasting Bar". Michael and I even tried the gross ones like skunk spray, black pepper, toothpaste, etc. Word to the wise don't eat the Rotten Egg bean or the Booger bean.

Matthew's Birthday

We have a lot going on in our family in the winter months, December in-particular. I don't have all the pictures of everyone who has a birthday but I had these of Matthew and thought they were cute. Matthew's birthday is December 26th, he is just as silly as all the other boys, when they were growing up he used to sit on Michael's chest and do "chinese water torture" but now, if Mikey sat on Matthew he would squash him :) (at least that is what Mike told me). Matthew and Michael both served in the Florida, Ft. Lauderdale mission (Matt was an english elder and Mike was a portuguese elder). Happy birthday Matthew!

My "Hero"

On New Years Eve we went to a party where we got to play the most hilarious games- it was the most fun we had all year! We even got to try out their Guitar Hero. Michael was a pro. I'm just glad I didn't get booed off the stage right away.

It was a pot luck, Michael was so proud of the appetizers he made all by himself. They were super tasty!

Our 9th Anniversary!

December 17th 2008 was our 9 year anniversary. We have this anniversary tradition...every year we go out to dinner and then walk Christmas Tree Lane. Every year it just gets better. This year we had a scrumptious dinner at Uno's (I love their deep dish pizza), then we got some hot cocoa at Starbucks and walked Christmas Tree Lane in Ceres. It was so fun. The lights are so elaborate. Our favorite were the penguins and the beach-bum Christmas. Can I just say that I am so lucky to be married to Michael. Not only is he the man of my dreams but his family is awesome too! Who could ask for more?

The sat us right under this picture at dinner.