Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yesterday my niece Novalee got to come over for a few hours and we made frosted Christmas cookies together. She did a wonderful job rolling out the cookie dough, cutting out the cookies and frosting them - she did and even better job of eating all the extra frosting and sprinkles when I wasn't looking. We were in the middle of frosting cookies and I was talking to Michael on the phone, Novalee wanted to talk to him too and tell him about all the cookies we were making, she was convinced that Mikey was home from school and was just calling from the garage to trick her. She wasn't satisfied until we had checked the whole garage and house. Then she was just disappointed that she wouldn't get to see uncle Mikey until Saturday. I gave her a cookie to cheer her up, worked like a charm :).


Uncle "Monkey" loves to take pictures of sunrises and sunsets. We have hundreds of them. He took some beautiful shots while we were in New Mexico.

Over the River and Through the Woods to the Lord's House We Go

Here are some pictures of the walk we took with the whole Gariety gang. Arthur and Sharee live super close to the Albuquerque temple. It was close to sunset when we got up to the temple and the Sandia mountains were turning this amazing shade of pink. This was our last day in New Mexico and after the walk we ordered some take-out for dinner and played Ticket To Ride until we couldn't stay awake any longer. We also had some fun telling stories about growing up Gariety. Thanks so much Arthur and Sharee for letting us come and visit you. We love you guys!!

I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving Michael and I drove to Albuquerque, NM to spend time with Arthur, Sharee, Dallin, Daphne, Sean and Hayden. We had so much fun playing games, going for walks, enjoying our Thanksgiving feast and hiking through the snowy woods to find a Christmas tree. The kids loved playing with their uncle Mikey. Sean couldn't say "Mikey" so he called him "uncle Monkey." What a great family time. We only wish the other siblings could have joined us. These pics are for you Matthew, Norb Jr, Viva, Pat, the Egan family and all the rest. We love you guys!!!