Monday, November 17, 2008

Quirks (I've Been Tagged)

I'm kind of new to this blogging thing. My sister-in-law Sharee got me started (see their beautiful family photos below. Her husband, Arthur, is Michael's older brother). She has a super-great blog. Anyhoo, she wrote a blurb about her quirks and tagged all her sisters and me to post our own quirks too. So here goes...


1. I can't sleep without a heavy quilt over me - no matter how hot it is (and it gets pretty hot here Modesto in the summer). There is just something about the weight of quilt that is so comforting.

2. I hate wearing shoes. I'd rather go barefoot during any season. It's not that cold here so I get away with it most of the time. (And like Sharee - I have to wash my feet at night).

3. When we play Settlers, I must have the longest road. Who cares if I ever build a settlement or a city? Who cares if I have a chance to win? If I can get the longest road, I'm as happy as a pig in slop.

4. I hate taking baths. There is something about soaking in a soapy tub full of your own filth that makes me feel icky. Give me a shower any day.

5. I am painfully shy at heart. I have to force myself to interact with people. I always feel like they have much better things to do than talk to me and I don't want to annoy them.  That is one of the reasons Michael is so amazing - he is so outgoing and confident.  He makes friends anywhere.

6. We left Wisconsin when I was 5 and I thought I left my awful mid-western accent there with the cows and the snow but Michael swears that it all comes back - the full "Oh yeah, you betcha" - when I'm super tired.

7. I can't sleep when Mikey is away at school. I watch the food network or reruns of Family Matters (I love Irkle) until I fall asleep around 3am or 4am. I crash hard when Michael comes home on Fridays.

Okay - I just reread these and they are kind of lame :) Sharee's were so much better. Love you Sharee, thanks for thinking of me!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

These are NOT lame. I actually really like this quirk tag. I'm learning all kinds of things about people. You are awesome Amber! We're so excited to see you guys next week!