Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some of My Favorite Photos

Matthew, Paul, Michael, Arthur and my dad at Mikey's graduation
My cousin Jay and I - we went 4-wheeling through the mud
This is Michael's favorite picture - we had a great time at the Giant's game
Michael and I at the zoo in New Mexico

Me with a jersey calf at the county fair

Michael and I at the zoo
Michael and Novalee carving a pumpkin
Dallin, Sean, Daphne and I playing in the leaves together
Bet you didn't know I knew Batman.

LeeAnn and I.
Mark and Brycers
Michael doing smart stuff.
Michael making fire.
Michael and Matthew a the Made Out of Babies concert in S.F.

Michael and Novalee playing 
Michael and I with Dallin and baby Sean
Novalee at the park
Jenae and I hanging out


The Charlie's said...

Hi, Michael and Amber
This is AM. I found your Blog on Arthur and Sharee. It's been a while since I've seen you guys. Looks like you guys are pretty busy.

Larry & Erica Evans said...

hi are things in Fresno?