Monday, September 1, 2008

New Member Discussions

One of Mike's favorite callings so far has been Ward Mission Leader. We live in a very small ward that was split from a very large ward. They actually called Michael to be Elder's Quorum President when we moved into the ward. A few months after that the Bishop really needed a ward mission leader. We went to the temple with the Bishop and his wife and the Bishop said he knew he wanted Mike to head up the Missionary work in our ward. A few weeks after that Michael was called to be the Ward Mission Leader. Bishop said he had to go rounds with the Stake President to get Mike released - he's such a kidder. When the Stake President called us in to discuss Michael's release, he told us not to worry, that he was sure that Michael would be called to be Elder's Quorum President again (I think that made Mikey even more worried. Hahaha j/k). Michael has done a great job of coordinating all the missionary efforts in our ward, and thanks to our faithful brothers and sisters, there have been 3 baptisms, tons of lessons taught with member's present and we are starting our 3rd 40-Day Fast for missionary work (unbelievably successful).

Michael all prepared to teach his final new member lesson.

Two of the most recent converts. Mike Ahrend and Matt Page. They are awesome!! Matt has even been bringing a friend with him to church on Sundays.

Michael loaned them the Joseph Smith Tapes by Truman G. Madsen. They are so excited to learn about the Gospel.

Michael and our friend Lew Winter. Lew is (was, he was just released yesterday) the first counselor in the Bishopric.

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